January 5, 2018

wedding styling trends 2018

Wedding furniture hire: transparent blue wedding furniture with flower

Want to stay on-trend for a 2018 wedding? We’re wedding furniture hire specialists so we’re in the know. Here we predict all the hot new styles and trends for everything from bridal-wear to tableware. Check out what’s new for 2018!

what you’ll wear

All eyes will be on the bride this year, with many on-trend wedding dresses featuring black accents for a striking look. Black details can be anything from a hemline to a feature accessory, like a belt or a bow – or you might choose to go the whole hog with a full black skirt. If you’re not keen on black, you can always incorporate splashes of bright colour – this is a look that’ll also be big in 2018.

Meanwhile, for those wanting a softer, more traditional style that’s still of its time, pearls will be incorporated into bridal accessories and woven into dress fabrics. Or, channelling Solange Knowles, you could wear a cape – they’re having a fashion moment in 2018, as well.

Bridesmaids can keep up with the latest wedding styles by donning separates, rather than full dresses. Tops and bottoms for bridesmaids became big in 2017, and it’s a fashion that shows no sign of going away.

how you’ll decorate and accessorise your venue – wedding furniture hire

If you’re looking for a colour theme for your wedding, you could take inspiration from 2018’s Pantone Colour of the Year. Ultra Violet is a bold, original and regal colour that will create a memorable look, however you use it. Incorporate purple flowers into your décor or use splashes of ultra violet with ribbons and table centrepieces.

One of the biggest wedding furniture hire trends of the year is transparency. From seating to lighting and tableware, see-through objects are one of the defining looks of 2018. It chimes with an overall minimalist theme that’s definitely part of the zeitgeist.

If you’re not keen on the see-through look, you can still stay on-trend with metallic details in your furniture and accessories. This year’s signature metal is copper, and you can use it for everything from cutlery to cake stands and candle holders.

Hanging flowers will be big this year, with floral displays spilling from chandeliers and garlands. Vases are out, and in their place, statement vessels will be as important as the blooms themselves.

what you’ll eat and drink

The trend for a more casual dining experience continues in 2018. So, whether you’re hiring a food truck or providing a mix-and-match dessert table, your guests will enjoy a more eclectic selection of food and drink from all corners of the globe.

Wedding cakes with marbled decoration will be a key trend this year, and copper will make an appearance in many stunning cake designs.

how you’ll celebrate

Have you ever wished your big day could be more than just one day? Maybe in 2018 it can. There’s a growing trend for weekend weddings, where guests celebrate over an extended period of time. Think you can’t afford it? Consider pruning your guest list – this year, smaller and more intimate weddings are on the rise.

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