December 21, 2016

7 Top Tips For New Year’s Eve Party Hosting

New Year’s Eve Party Hosting

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party and need your celebrations to go off with a bang? We’ve come up with our favourite top tips that will make your party a night to remember.

1: Start the celebrations with a little sparkle

There’s nothing like a touch of sparkle to get the celebrations going! Prosecco served with a single raspberry is a perfect, classy way to start the night – and it doesn’t break the bank. You can pour the prosecco just before guests arrive; this way you’ll be able to enjoy chatting to everyone rather than running to and from the kitchen fetching individual drinks orders.

2: Make life easy with tasty appetisers

You don’t need to spend hours slaving in the kitchen to create crowd-pleasing appetisers that look great and taste even better. Aim for food that you can prepare in advance so that you can enjoy the party too. Some of our favourites are homemade spinach dip to serve with posh shop-bought crisps, slow-cooked cocktail sausages, sugar roasted pecans and sticky chicken wings.

3: Get your guests on the dance floor

Hosting a New Years Party wouldn’t be a success without dancing the night away to the year’s best tunes – get your guests to suggest their favourites for the song list before the night and set the music up so it’s all ready to go. If your guests are Strictly fans, challenge them to re-enact the most memorable dances of this year’s series and make sure you catch it on camera!

4: Create a stylish chill-out area

New Year’s Eve parties are a long haul, especially if guests are planning to stay well after midnight. You can create a fabulous chill-out area for your guests with some top-quality furniture hire. Low sofa sets, such as the stunning club lounge sofa in silver, or ottomans are perfect for down time during the evening while sipping a cocktail. Your home will be transformed into an exclusive venue for the night simply by hiring a selection of stylish chill-out furniture.

5: Hire a photo booth

Photo booths are still one of the best on-trend additions to any party. Guests will love posing for photos complete with the wackiest accessories on offer! Photo booths are ideal if guests need a rest from non-stop dancing and are a fun way to keep the memories of your fabulous party alive.

6: New Year’s resolution games

As the party approaches midnight, try a New Year’s resolution game. Get everyone to write their resolutions down and put them in a hat, then choose the first person to pick one and act it out as a charade. Once everyone’s guessed the resolution, they then have to guess who it belongs to!

7: Finish the night with a bang

Make the countdown to midnight one to remember – if fireworks will push the budget too far, try sparklers or confetti cannons that are ready to be fired at midnight.

Finally, the most important tip of all – when hosting your New Year’s Eve party, don’t forget to relax, fill up your drink and enjoy! Happy New Year.