July 5, 2018

how to plan a weekend wedding

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We’re London wedding furniture hire experts and we know from our experience that your wedding day will probably pass in a blur. It’s wonderful to have loved ones all in the same place, but many people don’t find enough time to chat properly with them all. So, why limit the festivities to a single day? Weekend weddings where happy couples invite friends and family to spend both Saturday and Sunday celebrating their nuptials are on the rise – and we can see why! Read on for tips on how to plan the perfect extended wedding party.

Give enough notice

When your wedding celebration happens over several days, perhaps in a far-off destination, it’s important to book it into people’s diaries early. Be prepared to book further into the future than you might otherwise have done; aim to give guests 12 months’ notice to save the date.

A place to stay

Weddings can be a considerable expense for guests, who often have to pay for stag and hen events, outfits, gifts and travel. When adding one or more nights’ accommodation into the mix, you’ll need to be sensitive to the budgets of your loved ones. If you can afford to put everyone up, that’s great. But, more likely, you’ll need to secure accommodation that’s affordable for guests to pay for.

  • Book somewhere convenient, where all your guests can be accommodated at once. Minimise the travel time to your ceremony and other activities.
  • Get favourable block room rates for the hotel you’ll be staying at, and tell guests how to take advantage of the discount.
  • Consider turning your weekend wedding into a mini festival, and offer camping accommodation in addition to beds for those who like their creature comforts.

weekend wedding itinerary

A weekend wedding gives you so much extra scope for fun and festivities. It can be daunting to be faced with all that time to fill, but with the right structure, you’ll be surprised at what you can pack in.

  • Friday night fun. For guests arriving on a Friday night, plan a welcome outdoor dinner and party. It’s a great way for your friends and family to catch up – and for strangers to get to know each other before the big day.
  • Saturday celebrations. This is the day for all the traditional wedding events: the ceremony itself, the reception and a party that can last until the wee small hours. You can probably also fit in a morning activity, too!
  • Sunday brunch. Before you head off on honeymoon, send everyone off in style with a tasty brunch. You can reminisce about all the best bits about the big day, and treat any sore heads with a fry-up.

Although you’re putting on events for the entire weekend, it’s important to allow guests to drop in and out of the activities they can attend. Because of the scale and expense of the weekend, there may be guests who can only work the logistics to attend certain parts of your celebration.

Chill-out time

Although it’s good to keep your guests entertained, a weekend wedding can be strenuous. Try to strike a balance between structured activities and downtime. Organise a chill-out area where people can gather to chat informally. Often, this relaxing time can be the highlight of the weekend!

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