March 15, 2018

wedding marquee décor: how to make a marquee look great

Wedding Marquee Decor For Hire: white semi circular sofas and flowers in marquee

The team in our wedding marquee decor for hire department naturally love a wedding with a marquee. Are you thinking of hiring one for your wedding? This classic summer staple is a fantastic choice if you want to customise your venue with outdoor furniture hire and make the most of your outside space. The white interior is literally a blank canvas that you can style as you like.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

light-up letters

It’s good to create a focal point within the marquee; a visual centrepiece that draws the eye and looks great in photos. Giant, light-up marquee letters can spell out words of your choice, such as LOVE or MR & MRS – these are always incredible popular items in our wedding marquee decor for hire range.

flowers and foliage

Floral arrangements are a hallmark of most weddings, and there’s lots of potential to create stunning marquee interiors using your choice of blooms. Consider opting for brightly coloured flowers rather than white, to create a pleasing visual contrast and ‘fill’ the space. Hanging floral features are very popular right now, and they’re an excellent way to decorate the ceiling. Don’t overlook other botanicals; leaves, foliage and even potted trees can all be extremely effective features in your marquee décor.

lighting and lanterns

The lighting in your wedding marquee will make all the difference to the ambience. Fairy lights and lanterns dotted around the venue are a lovely way to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere as day turns to night. You can also use them to mark out a path across the garden to the marquee.

somewhere to sit

When you host an event in a marquee, you’re basically inviting everyone inside a large tent. But when it’s decked out with comfortable and stylish furniture, your wedding guests certainly won’t be roughing it! For the ultimate luxury, let them chill out on something from our wedding marquee decor for hire collection; comfy sofas and daybeds, accessorised with colourful cushions. Funky ottomans provide splashes of colour, while chic side tables (like this amazing hexagonal mirror table) are a handy place to set down drinks.


Don’t forget what’s under your feet! Marquee flooring is the one item that covers the entire area inside your venue, so it can play a big part in the look and feel of the interior. Carpets can create a really luxurious feel but they can be expensive; in summer months you might be happy to settle for the down-to-earth option of grass.

big balloons

A far cry from your typical kids’ party, balloons are a very fashionable feature for wedding receptions right now. A canopy of giant balloons floating above your heads is an eye-catching feature that’s always popular, while balloon arches or other structures can look surprisingly effective.

include traditional bunting in your wedding marquee decor for hire selection

Bunting and marquees go together like pickle and cheese! If you’re after a really traditional feel for your wedding reception, choose colour-coordinated flags to deck out your marquee. If you like the idea of bunting but fancy updating the look a little, you could investigate alternatives like paper garlands, or play around with different textures and fabrics.

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