February 4, 2016

Using Pinterest To Plan Your Event

event planning with pinterest

When you have a large event or party to plan for it can often be difficult to find the inspiration that you need and to organise all of your ideas in one place. You’ll probably spend lots of time scouring the web for party concepts but there are so many websites around it can seem impossible to keep track of everything that you find online. Using Pinterest to help you with your party planning can be the ideal solution. Whether you are planning your wedding, a surprise party or a corporate event Pinterest can provide you with a virtual pinboard to help you really visualise the style and theme of your event. What’s more you can also use it to share your ideas with others, and if you are working as part of an events team or with a wedding planner you can all share your ideas to the same board and provide comments and opinion on them in real time!

Creating A Pinterest Board

Creating a Pinterest board is easy. You simply need to log in to the site with a few basic details and then you are ready to start building your pinboards. Any boards created on Pinterest pinboards are public by default but Pinterest also gives you the very useful option of making them private – so if you are planning a surprise anniversary party or you don’t want the groom getting any ideas about your wedding dress you don’t need to worry! If you are working as a team then you can all use the log in details to pin to the same boards. If you simply want to share ideas with your friends and they are on Pinterest then they can like your page and follow your boards to keep updated with your latest pins. You can set up as many boards as you like and name them in keeping with your event i.e. wedding dresses, pastel florals etc.

How To Add Pins

There are a number of ways that you can pin images and products to your boards. Firstly you can follow the Pinterest boards of companies that offer products you like. When you find one of their pins that inspires you simply re-pin it to your board. Many florists, dress designers and caterers have Pinterest boards and don’t forget to check out the Rio Lounge and Wedding Letter Hire boards to get our latest inspiration too!

You will also find that lots of websites have ‘pin it’ buttons on their images so if you are browsing the web this enables you to quickly and easily pin the image to the relevant board. You can also pin useful articles from the web to your boards by adding their URL. If you have pictures of your own that you want to add to your pinboards you can simply upload these from your computer

Share Your Event Planning Inspiration

Once your boards are ready you can start sharing your inspiration. You can comment on each of your posts with your views and ideas and share these with friends and followers!