June 26, 2014

Unique Ways to Customise a Wedding Cake

wedding furniture hire: wedding cake ideas

We’re wedding furniture hire specialists and we know the wedding cake is the centrepiece of any good dessert table. Even someone who claims not to have a sweet tooth can’t resist a little slice of wedding cake, even if only for the sake of the happy couple. But it can be difficult to come up with ways to put your own stamp on such a traditional cake, so here are a few ways to customise your cake to really make it your own.

Firstly, modern wedding cakes no longer have to be a classic white iced numbers. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly popular to tie in the theme of the general wedding by opting for coloured icing in a shade that can be incorporated into the palette of the day. Pastels work really well here, such as a delicate pink or a powdery blue, but you can go for something really vivid if you want your cake to make a real statement.

Another idea we love which helps you create a sense of fluidity in your wedding theme is a beautiful fresh flower cake. You can opt for the same blooms as in your bouquet or go for your favourite flowers, which the cake decorators can work into the structure of the cake for a truly show-stopping piece of culinary art. It works particularly well for a spring or summer wedding, but really we love these for any time of year. Weddings are costly exercises and in these times of austerity we are all looking for ways of hosting a fantastic day without paying for it for many years to come. In terms of wedding cakes, I often advise brides that fresh flowers are an excellent way of decorating a cake in a very budget friendly way.

Wedding furniture hire: Unique ways to customise a wedding cakePhoto cakes have been around for some years now, with your images transferred onto white icing and placed upon the cake for something truly unique and personal to you. What we don’t often see from the brides we work with on wedding furniture hire, is the use of photos on a wedding cake, but we think it would work really well. Maybe you could opt for a photo of your favourite holiday, or a picture from the engagement party. This will make the cake really special and remind everyone what the day is about.

We’ve all seen cakes topped by little plastic him ‘n’ her figurines, but did you know that you can get sugar cake toppers for wedding cakes? They are crafted out of hard sugar for something that will last, and you can have almost any design you want. You could incorporate your hobbies into the model, or even have it personalised so that the figures are wearing the same wedding outfits as the pair of you.

A simple three tier cake with some piping decoration which will feed 90-100 guests can cost a few hundred pounds. The addition of fresh flowers between the tiers takes such a simple white wedding cake to something altogether more special and memorable and for not a huge difference in price. The flowers chosen can match the rest of the flowers for the day ensuring a cohesive design between table arrangements, bouquets and cake.

Wedding cakes are the one time you can really go to town with food, so feel free to experiment and do something a bit different when it comes to your happy day! Need a table to serve your gorgeous cake on? Rio Lounge has an extensive range of wedding furniture hire that will fit the bill and show off and compliment your wedding cake.