April 25, 2018

top tips to beat the rain on your wedding day

Wedding Furniture For Hire: White rattan Marrakesh sofa sets with white scatter cushions and Fullerton Lamp

The guests are invited, the catering is booked – but the one thing you can’t guarantee is the weather on your wedding day. Fingers crossed, you’ll get the beautiful, sunny day you dream of. But by planning ahead, (and perhaps making a choice from our wedding furniture for hire service) you can make sure it won’t be a washout, even if the rain does fall.

avoid a muddy dress

Long, flowing garments are the worst sort of clothes to wear on a truly wet day. Trouble is, a traditional wedding dress with train is about as long as you can get! Practise walking with your bridesmaids so that they know how to carry it to avoid the mud and puddles… and have a sheet or ground covering on hand so that you can avoid the worst of the wetness.

embrace the weather

Sometimes, it’s all about attitude. If the rain falls on your wedding day, the best thing is to embrace it! Channel the festival vibe and come prepared with co-ordinated wellies for everyone in the wedding party. Pair them with matching umbrellas for a unique set of photographs to look back on!

take shelter

Rainy weather is particularly bad news if you were planning on an outdoor event. But with the right equipment, there’s no need to worry. A marquee is the perfect place for guests to shelter from a storm, whilst waterproof outdoor furniture from our wedding furniture for hire collection will withstand the showers. 

keep warm

There’s nothing more welcome than a warm fire and a hot drink after coming in from the rain. Plan some refreshments that will keep your guests toasty warm – perhaps a comforting hot chocolate or spicy mulled wine. If you’ve experienced a few showers and there’s a chill in the air, our Athena patio heaters will provide a warming way to stay outdoors – but note that they’re not suitable for outdoor use in the rain.

watch the forecast

Those last few days in the run-up to your wedding can be a nervy time. But it’s only then that you can have a realistic idea of what the weather’s going to do on the day. Check the forecast a few days ahead, and if there’s a chance of rain, make sure all your wet weather plans are put in place. Your venue and caterers will no doubt have well-worn wet weather contingencies (especially if you’re marrying in the UK!) but it’s good to notify your guests and warn them to bring clothes for a rainy day.

keep your spirits up

Rain on your wedding day may seem like the ultimate disappointment – but look at it another way: wet weather seems to bring out a sort of camaraderie, so your guests will have a great time together. Kisses in the rain are a Hollywood cliché for a reason – they’re really romantic! So if you wake up to a wet wedding day, just think of Andie McDowell and shrug: “Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed.”

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