January 6, 2023

Top Furniture Hire Trends for 2023

white rattan curved sofas with magenta flowers

As we move into 2023, the world of furniture design and decor continues to evolve and innovate. From bold colours to unique shapes, there are a variety of furniture hire trends that are poised to take both the interior design and event world by storm in the coming year.  So, with this in mind, we take a look at five key furniture trends; showing you how you can use hire furniture from Rio Lounge at your event to create the most sought-after looks for the coming year.

1. Bold colours

white faux leather hire sofas with bold coloured scatter cushionsA key trend in furniture design for 2023 is the use of bold colours.  The Pantone Colour of the Year – Viva Magenta – is a great example of this trend. (Look out for our blog on this topic coming soon!)  Whether it’s a neon scatter cushion or a fun, vibrant faux leather ottoman, bold and vivid colours are sure to make a statement in any space. These eye-catching hues can be used to add a pop of colour to a neutral room.  Alternatively, they can be used together to create a more daring array of clashing brights!

2. Curved shapes

curved rattan sofas furniture hire trend at sporting eventCurved shapes are making a huge comeback in furniture design for 2023. From curved sofas to rounded coffee tables, these soft and organic shapes add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room or outdoor space. Moreover, curved shapes also create a more comfortable and inviting ambience, as they encourage people to relax and sink into their surroundings. At Rio Lounge we offer a number of curved sofa set ranges: so, why not start by taking a look our elegant rattan Bulgari range, and our circular Banyan sofa sets

3. Versatility and multi-functional pieces

curved modular rattan sofa with bright scatter cushions and flowersCustomers are increasingly requesting multi-functional furniture. Versatile furniture pieces that can be used in a variety of ways for multiple purposes, are in high demand. Customers are usually keen to maximise their space and create a more versatile environment. We are pleased to say that most of our sofas are modular in design.  This means that the sections can be arranged in a number of different ways. This feature means they are highly adaptable and can be set up to suit your available space.

4. Rattan furniture hire trends

white rattan outdoor furniture at a summer partyRattan, wicker, and bamboo, are also set to be popular in furniture design for 2023. These materials add a touch of warmth and texture to any space, creating a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Rattan is of course, our signature style at Rio Lounge and we boast a huge selection: not only sofas but co-ordinating bistro furniture too.

5. Ethical manufacture and the environmental conscience

Finally, one of the biggest trends in furniture design for 2023 is the focus on sustainability and ethical manufacture.  More and more consumers are seeking reassurance that their furniture has been manufactured in an environmentally friendly and ethical way. Firstly, hiring from Rio Lounge rather than buying furniture is kinder to the environment in itself.  Our careful maintenance process ensures that our furniture has a very long life and can be hired out many times. Secondly, regular visits to our suppliers in the Far East ensures we only buy the highest quality items from ethical manufacturers, offering their employees a good working environment and a fair wage.

Furniture hire trends at Rio Lounge

By incorporating these trends into your 2023 hire furniture , you can be sure that you’ll be hosting an event that looks fresh, modern and up to date. So, if you’re planning an event, why not get in touch?  It’s never too soon to contact us, especially for summer events, as we often sell out of our most popular items!  Give the furniture hire team a call on 01582 232332 or send us an email.