November 29, 2019

Our 5 top tips for keeping white faux leather furniture in pristine condition

sofa hire: white faux leather furniture hire in marquee

Our clients consistently feed back to us that our sofa hire exceeds their expectations.  Customers are often pleasantly surprised that our hire furniture is so well maintained that it can often look almost brand new! 

Considering ourselves industry leaders in our standards of quality and cleanliness, we strive constantly to ensure these high standards are maintained.  Therefore, with this in mind, we present here our top 5 tips for keeping faux leather hire furniture dazzling white, bright and clean:

sofa hire: white sofas and mirror cubes1. Good old soap and water…..

Regardless of their return condition, our maintenance team clean our faux leather sofas after each and every booking.  Even if not heavily stained, hire furniture will undoubtedly pick up some dust and grime every time it’s used.  For general everyday cleaning, we find that you can’t beat good old soap and water; or, more specifically, washing up liquid and water! Our team soak a white, non-abrasive cloth in the soapy solution, wring out, and gently wipe the sofa all over. This is followed up by wiping with another damp cloth soaked in plain water and finally dried with a white microfibre cloth.

2. Bug-free: keeping everything hygienic 

Of course, when you hire a sofa you want to be sure that it not only looks pristine, but that it’s free from lingering germs.  Following cleaning, staff wipe all of our faux leather furniture thoroughly with anti-bacterial spray. So, you can be confident that when you hire furniture from us,  that you’re not also hiring any undesirable extras! However, it’s worth noting that we avoid using products containing bleach, as these can deteriorate the vinyl fabric with regular application.

sofa hire: cleaning in warehouse

3. As if by magic: our disappearing trick for scuffs and light stains

Scuff marks and light food and drink stains are treated using ‘Magic Sponges’. It’s truly amazing what these little white rectangles can remove; it’s true to say that here at Rio Lounge we have them on repeat order ! 

4. Don’t feel blue if you have a dye stain – alcohol may be the answer!

One of the trickiest stains to remove from white faux leather furniture is dye; for example, the blue indigo dye from denim jeans.  However, one tip we have learned over the years is to first treat the stain with isopropyl alcohol (also known as ‘rubbing alcohol’) prior to carrying out the other cleaning steps above. Dip a rag or cloth in the neat alcohol and rub gently on small areas.  This should help to lift the stain.  Please note however, that all vinyl fabrics differ.  If following this advice on your own furniture you should always test small areas first, to avoid extensive damage.

event furniture hire: wrapping faux leather furniture in warehouse

5. It’s a wrap…..

Once our hire sofas have been cleaned, the crew then return them to the warehouse.  Whilst in storage, all faux leather items are kept wrapped in plastic sheeting.  This not only protects against environmental dust and dirt, but also from sunlight damage and fading; (especially important in the case of our coloured items)

…and if all else fails…

Naturally, we do on occasion have to tackle more serious damage to our hire furniture. Customers and their guests can sometimes party a bit too hard; leaving our furniture with stiletto heel holes or cigarette burns.  Clearly, no amount of scrubbing can tackle these, so it’s just as well that our faux leather supplier is on hand, right here in the UK to carry out re-covering and repairs when needed.

Check out our faux leather furniture hire range

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You can also read more about how we maintain our high standards of sofa hire in our earlier blog!

If you’re hosting an event and would like advice on either outdoor or indoor furniture hire, do give us a call on 0845 46 77483.  Our friendly hire team are on hand to help!