June 1, 2018

Royal Wedding 2018 Décor Review

Event Decor Hire: white lily of the valley

As event decor hire specialists, naturally we were glued to our TVs for the Royal Wedding. What was your standout moment from Harry and Meghan’s wedding day? There were so many highlights, from the first sight of Meghan’s stunning Givenchy dress, to the show-stealing sermon read by Bishop Michael Curry. For us, obsessed as we are with wedding décor, we couldn’t help but be wowed by the small decorative touches that made the day such a fairy-tale occasion.

A floral masterpiece

On 19th May 2018, St George’s Chapel in Windsor was bedecked with a stunning display of foliage and white flowers. An arch of Meghan’s favourite peonies combined with white roses  greeted guests as they entered through the West Door of this historic high Gothic-style church, which has played host to centuries of Royal ceremonies, while inside the chapel, similar displays decorated the organ loft and aisles, all echoing the simple white blooms found in the bride’s bouquet.

Locally sourced and arranged by fashionable florist Philippa Craddock, Harry and Meghan’s flowers were an environmentally conscious choice, with bee-friendly wildflower displays including foxgloves and lilies of the valley appearing throughout the chapel. A couple’s choice of flowers often carries significance, and the roses were included as a nod to the late Diana, as they were her favourites. Foliage and branches were incorporated into the design, and included birch, beech and hornbeam sprigs. Being event decor hire specialists ourselves we were delighted to see that the floral theme didn’t end with the venue; Harry and Meghan’s stunning elderflower and lemon cake was also adorned with fresh, white flowers.

A day of contrasts

Meghan and Harry’s wedding was ground-breaking in many ways, most notably in its blending of old and new, English and American, traditional and modern. It brought together elements of both British and American styles in a way that reflected the couple’s unique tastes, while also managing to retain a sense of pomp and historical tradition. One early symbol of this unity was the design of the invitations, which featured American ink printed onto British card. In common with all other Royal nuptials, the celebration was heralded with ceremonial trumpeters, before breaking with tradition with the sweet sounds of a gospel choir.

We found it inspirational and it just goes to show, you can use all the incidental elements of your wedding day, from the cake to the choir (and the furniture and décor), to carve out a distinct and memorable occasion that truly reflects your unique values as a couple.

After the ceremony

As mere commoners, we don’t know all the details of the two private parties that were held after the ceremony, so we can only speculate! The first was a formal event at Windsor Castle that featured a speech by Her Majesty the Queen. Before being served, the wedding cake was displayed on an ornate, gold stand fit for a Queen, and we imagine the surroundings and place settings were similarly opulent.

In the evening, Prince Charles hosted a more relaxed affair at Frogmore House, which included an organic meal followed by Elton John playing the piano, a lively dancefloor and fireworks. Guests were provided with comfy, white slippers by the bride – such a great idea for chilling out after a hard night of partying. Whatever the finer details of the parties we weren’t lucky enough to be privy to, one thing is clear: Harry and Meghan put on a day that had something for everyone, including a few surprises along the way.

If you’ve been inspired by the occasion and would like to incorporate wedding or outdoor furniture and décor that expresses your individuality at your next event, talk to us at Rio Lounge. We’re here to help with a free style consultation for every furniture hire customer.