April 27, 2015

Rio Lounge Product Design

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By now you are probably used to seeing our furniture as the finished product – looking fabulous and fully dressed in VIP areas and uber-cool chill out lounges. But, have you ever wondered how our products are made, how we decide what our customers want to hire and how all of our funky furniture is actually designed?

Well we thought it would be a great idea to take you on a “behind the scenes tour” of how we create our products from the initial concept to the final product that you will see at your venue or event. So read on to find out how a Rio Lounge product is created…

First steps – finding a style concept

It all starts with an idea or concept. We are always keeping up to date on the latest in style trends to make sure that our hire furniture is on-trend and super cool. We read lots of American style sites and blogs as they often have hot off the press news about what’s really wowing the furniture hire industry stateside, and it usually follows that these trends become popular in the UK too. We also study the latest interior designs as we find that often stylish and comfortable furniture for the home translates well into popular furniture for parties and events.

Of course celebrity trends often become really big with our clients too so it’s always a good idea to keep abreast of the latest celebrity weddings and parties to see the type of styling that they are using. We love coming up with a new style concept and once we are confident that our customers will love it too we are then ready to move onto the next stage in the process to add it to our outside furniture hire collection.

Outside Furniture Hire: Rio Lounge Product DesignCreating our product – the design stage

Having a concept for a piece of furniture is brilliant but at this stage it’s all in our heads! In order to turn our inspired ideas into reality we then need to begin the design stage. This is a more practical step but it’s still really interesting. At this stage it is vital to get the design brief exactly right. We only provide the highest quality furniture so it’s really important to us that we don’t compromise at this stage. From working out the prefect height of our sofas to choosing the very best materials and the softest fillings for our cushions it’s vital to take the time to make sure that everything is perfect, and that our furniture will look and feel great.

The final stage – going into production with our outside furniture design range

Once we are sure that the design is totally perfect then comes the most exciting stage of all – production. This is when we get to see the finished product and we can then offer it to our customers and see how much they love it too! We are passionate about supporting British business and we are thrilled that for our latest product we have been able to find a UK production company to make them for us. Once they are made they are full checked over to make sure they are faultless and then we are really to hire them out to our customers.

At Rio Lounge we are proud of producing cutting edge, high quality products. We always put in the work behind the scenes to make sure your party, wedding or event looks amazing. So take a look at our outside furniture hire range to keep up to date with the latest new stock! And get in touch to find out more.