October 10, 2013

Rio Lounge At Butlers Wharf Blackout

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Rio Lounge At Butlers Wharf BlackoutIn early September of this year four riverside restaurants along the Thames in Central London hosted an innovative Blackout Banquet at London’s popular Butlers Wharf as part of the Thames Festival. This 140 seat pop-up banqueting venue offered a rotating menu of dishes showcasing each of the restaurants.

Restaurants Le Pont de la Tour, Cantina del Ponte and Blueprint Cafe along with the Butlers Wharf Chophouse all “blacked out” their electricity from 8.30pm so that diners could enjoy the unique experience of banqueting by candlelight whilst getting a fantastic view of the lights of London. There were also some exciting events going on such as ghost bus tours, blind wine tasting and a rather fabulous sounding fire and flambé night!

This 10 day extravaganza made all the papers including articles in Time Out Magazine, The Metro, The Independent and Stylist Magazine with the feedback from customers being fabulous. Of course such classy restaurants wanted to make sure that diners at the Blackout Banquet had the best possible experience so they set the scene using stylish furniture and accessories. We were honoured that Le Pont de la Tour decided to use our gorgeous lanterns to light up their customer’s dining experience. Our gorgeous silver lanterns come in three sizes – a long tall lantern, a square lantern and a medium lantern.

We love the idea of eating by candlelight and think that our lanterns look amazing with large church style candles flickering away inside them. If you are planning a party as the nights draw in and darkness falls earlier why not set up your own Blackout Banquet? Mix and match different styles of our lanterns to create interest. You could also group them together in sets of three or line them up along the path to your venue to create a stylish entrance for your guests.

String fairy lights amongst the branches of the trees to create an aura of magic in the air – and don’t forget that as it’s getting rather chilly now one of our giant patio heaters is a must have to keep your guests warm and cosy! Get in touch for more event furniture ideas.