August 15, 2016

5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Party Planner

If you’re planning a large party or event you might find that you want a bit of professional help with the organisation. Sourcing catering, venues and entertainment can be time consuming and using a party planner can be the perfect way to take away the strain and let you sit back, relax and enjoy the party! There are loads of fantastic party planners out there but as it’s a big investment and the success of your party depends on it it’s important that you choose the events professional who is right for you. All event planners will have their own unique style and most good planners will be happy to have a chat with you to discuss your requirements before you commit to booking with them. It’s a good idea to prepare some questions before you meet up, and we think that these 5 questions can help you to decide whether the party co-ordinator is right for you.

Do you have photos of some recent events that you have organised?

It can often be hard to picture what your event will look like and words are sometimes not enough. It’s always a good idea to ask for photos of some recent events that your party planner has worked on and it’s a great way of seeing if you like their style or not.  A good event co-ordinator will be thrilled to show you their work and may even have videos of their events too to give you an even better idea of what they do.

Do you have customer testimonials and are you happy for me to chat to some of your previous clients?

Whilst an event planner may be thrilled with their work the person that you really want to hear from is their client! It can be great to see other customer testimonials and hear what they have to say about the person you could be working with. It’s also reassuring if the event company are able to provide you with some past clients to have a chat to as you can ask them questions and discuss any concerns that you might have.

What’s your preferred workings style and how will we keep in touch?

It could be that you’re the sort of person who wants to hand all the work over to your events planner and take a back seat, or maybe you have spreadsheets and files and want to retain full control over your event! Whatever your organisational style it’s a great idea to make sure that you and your party co-ordinator and on the same path. Planning a big event is a stressful time and the last thing you want is to worry that you are going to have communication difficulties. Ask your planner how they work, how often they will expect to meet with you and the process they will use to update you and get your input on the different elements of your event.

What venues and companies do you work with?

A good wedding planner has a diary full of fabulous contacts who can all work together to make your big day amazing. They may also be able to get you deals on prices and bypass waiting lists. Find out who your party planner uses for catering, venues, florists and entertainments. As event styling specialists Rio Lounge work with a number of events planners and we are always happy to speak to any potential clients about what we do, whether it be simply adding the finishing touches with our stunning party accessories, or providing an area for your guests to relax with our stylish daybeds.

What prices and packages do you offer?

If you have decided that you love your events planner then it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and ask about the prices and packages that they have to offer clients. It’s important to understand everything that is included in your event planning and what will be considered as added extras. Don’t be afraid to ask about special offers and packages too as many events and party planner companies will be happy to offer these especially if your wedding or event is not in peak season.

Once you have asked these questions you’ll be assured that your party is in safe hands and can relax knowing that the professionals will ensure that you have an amazing time at your big event!