March 18, 2019

Pop-up stall layout tips

exhibition furniture hire: blue ottomans shopping centre

Furniture hire for exhibitions and pop-ups can be tricky to get right. The purpose of a pop-up is to make an instant impression. You only have a short time in which to grab attention from your customers, and that means it’s absolutely essential to get the design and layout right, in order to get the best possible return on investment. Use these pop-up shop ideas to design your layout for maximum engagement.

Perfect your storefront

When you’re dependent on passing trade, your shop window or pop-up stall storefront is your main tool to lure people in. Use it wisely! There’s nothing like the human touch to make a connection with your audience, so consider using entertainers or greeters to introduce your pop-up. It’s important to stay on-brand so that consumers know what you stand for, but consider bright colours, intriguing installations or bold slogans to help you stand out from your surroundings.

Get their senses working overtime

If you usually have an online presence and you’re entering the physical retail market with a pop-up, make sure you get the most out of your real-world incarnation. Attract customers with product samples to touch and feel, offer them food and drink, play background music or have in-store entertainment. You can even use smell to tantalise the senses and change the mood.

Use psychology to position your products

Your pop-up shop layout makes a difference on a subconscious level. Studies show that people are more likely to look to their right when entering a store, so the wall to the right of your entrance is often known as the ‘power wall’. That’s the place you’ll make the most impact, so design your power wall display wisely, filling it with the items you really want to sell.

The ultimate goal of your pop-up is to heighten brand awareness and make lots of sales, so highlight the items you want to promote by placing them at eye level. Use attractive lighting, furniture and colour schemes to make your wares look their best, and carve out a clear path to the till. Impulse buys can be lucrative, so create a tempting display at the point of sale.

Direct the flow

Once inside, your customers will need to know what to look at and where to go. This doesn’t happen automatically, so they’ll need guidance; use signage, arrows on the floor and other, subtler signals to ensure the steady movement of customers through your shop. Do you want a free flow of visitors, able to move in all directions? Or perhaps, your pop-up shop layout is better suited to a ‘loop’ style pathway where customers move around the store in a circle. Whichever you decide, make it easy and intuitive for people to progress to the next level.

Don’t forget to give them lots of space, too. At the entrance to your pop-up, let customers get used to the change of scene by including a ‘decompression zone’ – an empty but welcoming space devoid of products or promotions – to get them oriented. You could position some items from our range of furniture hire for exhibitions such as wide choice of comfy but stylish seating in this area to encourage people to make themselves at home. Contact Rio Lounge for pop-up furniture hire your customers will love.