January 15, 2024

Party furniture hire for your special occasion

Party furniture hire Greenwoods Hotel

Belated happy new year to all of our customers, suppliers and friends. Hard to believe that we are already well into 2024; whilst we are feeling the chill right now, we know that it won’t be long until Spring arrives and events season will be upon us again! Whilst we tend to write a lot in these features about large events such as sporting events and festivals, let’s not forget that here at Rio Lounge, we also love to help plan a private party. Whether it’s your 18th, 30th, 60th or 100th birthday, we think you deserve to celebrate in style! With a range of versatile party furniture hire to suit any venue,  we can help you create a perfect celebration.  We had a chat with Paula, who hired Rio Lounge furniture for a very special birthday occasion last year.  Read on to find out more…..

Can you tell us a little more about the occasion for your party (e.g. was it a milestone birthday for yourself?)

‘The party was a joint celebration for my 60th birthday and my daughters 30th birthdays. ‘

Did you ever consider using an event planner for your party or do you enjoy planning your own events?

‘I haven’t ever used an event planner but I didn’t really need one for this event. The events team at the Greenwoods Hotel (the venue we used) were extremely helpful.’

Did you have a particular theme or dress code for your party?

‘No, we didn’t have a particular theme…… just dress to impress!!’ 

What were the most important factors you considered while choosing the venue for your event?  What most appealed to you about the Greenwoods Hotel, and did you look at or consider any other venues during the planning process?

‘Right from the start, we knew that we wanted a hotel to host the event;  we have a number of family and friends who had to travel long distances and required a place to stay. Therefore, we were looking for an attractive venue with accommodation, close to home, which could provide a hospitality package.  Greenwoods ticked all the boxes! ‘

Did you have any specific entertainment or activities at your party? For example, a band/DJ/photo booth etc ?

‘We hired a DJ (who was recommended by Greenwoods) who was excellent, and a band which we found ourselves.’

What sort of catering did you go for? e.g. drinks/canapes only, buffet, or a sit down meal? 

‘We booked the food through Greenwoods:  canapes on arrival and then bowl food through the evening. We sourced the birthday cake ourselves. ‘

Were there any challenges you faced at all during the planning process? If so, how did you overcome them?

‘As well as the party furniture hire from Rio Lounge, we had also booked a dance floor and a stage.  One challenge we faced was to ensure everything we hired fitted the space! Luckily,  Greenwoods Hotel provided a schematic of the area. All suppliers (including yourselves) were extremely helpful and professional in advising us of sizes, dimensions and layout appropriate for the space. ‘

‘Another challenge was the scheduling of all our suppliers to set up and de-rig everything. A strict timeframe imposed by the hotel meant that all suppliers needed to set up in a specific time window, and then remove everything by the end of the evening. Fortunately,  everyone was very flexible with arrival and set up times, and all were very efficient in setting up and dismantling.’

Could you share some insights into how you chose the decor/ambience and party furniture hire items?

‘Because the event was for a birthday party, and Greenwoods hosts a lot of weddings, I wanted a more informal, relaxed and sophisticated ambience in the room, (as opposed to a formal wedding setting with round tables.) I used Pinterest and Instagram to research ideas, and then looked for a supplier who was reasonably local that could help deliver our vision.’

‘Rio Lounge had exactly the type of furniture I wanted; it was also in excellent condition when it was delivered.  Moreover, the delivery team were very knowledgable on how to set the furniture out in the space to maximise the impact, and still be a comfortable and safe place to sit. All our guests commented how great it looked in the space! ‘

Paula hired our signature white rattan “Marrakesh’ modular sofa sets, white club ottomans, and our Hi-Ball poseur tables.

What are your top tips for someone considering planning their own party? 

‘Firstly, research your ideas so you have a good idea of what you want and need. ‘

‘Secondly, engage professional suppliers, preferably referred to you by a reliable source. Engage them in the planning process to utilise their knowledge and experience.’

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently, either in the planning or running of your party?

‘Short answer – no! :-)’

Thinking about the furniture and service you received from Rio Lounge specifically, what did you like most?  (Any other feedback welcome! )

‘Overall, I felt that the choice and price of furniture was exactly what I was looking for and the quality was excellent. The reservations team at Rio Lounge was very helpful in advising me on the layout and the number of items I would need.   The delivery team were professional and efficient in both setting up and dismantling. All the suppliers I used were very happy to accommodate each other and ensure everything could be set up in time with the minimum disruption. ‘

Many thanks to Paula for participating in this blog feature.  Planning a special birthday party of your own in 2024?  Get in touch – we are waiting for your call. With 15 years expertise in event furniture hire, we can give invaluable advice on which and how much to hire to best suit your guest numbers, venue and decor.
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