August 30, 2023

Just Peachy: we interview luxury event planner Chloe Miles

Just Peachy events featuring luxury furniture hire from Rio Lounge

Next year, Rio Lounge will be celebrating 15 years in the events and luxury furniture hire business. Some of our clients have been with us for pretty much our whole journey, but of course it’s always exciting to get to know the new faces in the industry too! A relative newcomer to the events business, Chloe Miles of Just Peachy Events , based in Bournemouth, has only been in business for three years. However, thanks to the beautiful contemporary aesthetic of the events and parties she creates (as well as being an all-round lovely person!), Chloe has established herself as a key player in the world of events, picking up some high profile customers along the way, and gaining a fantastic following and reputation.

Can you give us a quick overview of your experience in event and party planning? How long have you been in the industry and how did you first get started?

balloon arrangement for glam party

‘So…. I first started officially in June 2020. I made balloon garlands from Amazon and tweaked them using flowers. Then, I was asked by a school mum to help with a birthday party for her friends. (This was in Covid times when we only could sit in gardens as parties of six).  Very quickly, I acquired a following and was lucky enough to have Sandra Redknapp as my third client. By July 2022, I’d quit my job as a broker and never looked back!’

What do you love most about your job?  And is there anything about it you’re not so keen on?

‘I love pretty much every part of my job; it’s beyond rewarding! I suppose, collections and takedowns are my least favourite part. Putting away props..urgh!!’

How would you describe the ‘Just Peachy’ aesthetic?  Do you have a signature style for your events?

‘My signature style of events is contemporary. So, a client will ask me for a specific theme such as, for example, ‘Transformers’ or ‘Bumble Bee’. But we aim to create a cool aesthetic rather than lots of character balloons that can cheapen the look. We’re always looking for the next big trend, and are always complimented on our colour choices and how we blend our colours. I guess that makes us stand out from the rest. We prefer the ultra luxe vibe. ‘BIG AND BOUJIE’ is something I say a lot..!!’

In your role as a luxury event planner you must get to rub shoulders with some celebrity names; have you ever had to handle challenging clients or situations where there might be conflicting visions or demands?

Bar stool and poseur table hire

‘Luckily, I’ve never had a troublesome client. I guess when my clients book me they have a rough idea of what they’d like doing. Then the fun begins: sourcing and putting together a mood board of ideas/colours and styles. The truly creative part I suppose. And…. the part when it lifts from my laptop to real life… it’s magical!  We are very lucky in that in our three years in business we’ve had some high profile clients to boost our profile. It makes us more trustworthy, I suppose. ‘

We know that event planners tend to be fantastic at juggling many tasks simultaneously ; what particular strategies do you use to stay organised with your scheduling and ensure things run smoothly?

‘My main multitasking skills tend to be common sense stuff…….
Firstly, get plenty of sleep! Don’t leave things till the last minute, get as much done in advance as possible. 
Make sure your admin is checked and checked again. Keep on top of your vendors. Make friends with your vendors! (You may need to pull favours with them one day…) Always be grateful for them. And lastly, the Notes app/calendar on iPhone is my favourite tool. Set reminders on the app and tick things off!  As I said, it’s simple stuff really…….’

Do you have a favourite event or type of event to plan?

Luxury furniture hire with guests at a party

‘My favourite type of events are the grown up parties. We recently did an Ibiza-style party in a private residence in Sandbanks. Just massive fun and uber stylish. (you guys did the furniture obviously!)’

We know that running an event planning company can often involve long hours; how do you ensure a good work/life balance ?  What do you like to do when you’re not working?

‘When I’m not working, my downtime is pretty chill these days. Beach in the summer, and forest walks and pubs lunches in the winter. Hanging out with my family and friends is always fun. We cook and dance around the house being silly!
I also do yoga and pilates everyday too to help my body and back deal with quite a labour intensive job. (Cannot recommend this enough!!!)’

The suppliers you choose can greatly impact an event’s success. How do you go about selecting the right ones to match your clients’ needs and budgets?

‘I’m all about aesthetics… If a prop or positioning of something isn’t agreeable, I won’t recommend it to a client and certainly won’t book it. Everything has to gel well. It’s on your head basically isn’t it? Modern and trendy is what our brand is all about. So, we won’t go for second best because it might save a few quid. It’s pointless. I’m lucky enough to have clients that roll with my ethos on that too. They just want things to look good. The devil’s in the detail, as they say.’

Lastly, thinking in particular about the service you receive from Rio Lounge, what appeals to you most about our luxury furniture hire and the service from our team? 

‘I’ve used Rio Lounge twice now. Service is always on point. Delivery team are alway such pros. The website is also clear and very functional. But I suppose most importantly, the products are alway just what I’m looking for. They always have the right quantity of items and if I’m unsure of how much is required they can be on hand quickly over the phone to discuss. Perfect service really!’
Huge thanks to Chloe for taking time out of her schedule for this interview, and for the fantastic feedback! For the party pictured here, Chloe hired our fully waterproof Ocean Daybeds and our signature rattan Marrakesh sofas. In addition, our Kubo bar stools and Hi-Ball poseur tables, square glass-topped Cabo tables and faux leather Club Poufs provided some extra flexible seating. 
Our furniture hire team are waiting to hear from you: now is the time to start planning those Autumn/Winter events.  Don’t forget that all of our luxury furniture hire looks as good indoors as it does outdoors…. so why not give us a call? You can reach us on 01582 232332 or send us an email.