June 4, 2016

The Importance of Events for Your Marketing Toolkit

Huge event! Events for your marketing toolkit.

In today’s competitive business world it’s vital to regularly review your marketing strategy to maximise brand engagement and increase sales. It’s tempting to get swept up with the rapid advancements of digital marketing and social media, but at the heart of successful marketing is personal connections and face time with prospective clients. In this article we look at why events are a critical part of your marketing mix and a powerful tool for your marketing strategy.

Product launch events – gold dust for your marketing strategy

Events are a perfect tool for launching a new product. Inviting your clients to a product launch will give you the opportunity to showcase both your new product and your business. This is your chance to wow your guests and help them understand your brand’s personality, look and feel. If you focus on securing a stunning venue and offering great food, drink and entertainment then you’ll be providing a top quality marketing experience that’s guaranteed to engage customers and drive sales. Our guide to planning events will help to ensure that your product launch event goes smoothly.

Product launch events are a low cost option both for marketing your product and for getting instant, face to face feedback from your customers. This is gold dust for your marketing strategy – it will help inform any product changes or adjustments you want to make.

Don’t forget that your customers will be engaged and inspired at the event, so make the most of it! Capture details and follow up within a couple of days with a personal approach or incentive. Be receptive to feedback or engagement through social media and keep the buzz going through post-event press coverage.

Events as a networking tool

If you want to drive brand recognition and build business contacts, opt for a networking event. This is invaluable for developing new connections, strengthening existing relationships and soft marketing opportunities for your own brand or products. Hosting regular networking events, or even launching a new networking group, will also cement your company’s reputation as a knowledgeable business leader. This, in turn, will reinforce positive brand values about your business and will strengthen your business’ brand profile.

Embed your business into the local events scene

Organising your own product launches or networking events will have a direct impact on brand engagement and driving sales – but there’s plenty of ways to secure public visibility through third party events. You could sponsor a local charity event in exchange for promotion and brand profile on the day. You could offer your expertise for a panel discussion or host a business awards evening. This will do wonders for reinforcing brand values and keeping your business name visible.

However dazzling the digital marketing advancements may be, events are still an essential part of the marketing mix. Giving customers the chance to experience your brand at a live event or exhibition will increase their engagement, drive sales and grow your business. There’s never been a better time to start planning your next business event!