March 6, 2020

But what if it rains? 5 tips for weather proofing your event….

garden furniture hire: stretch tent

Whatever type of event you’re planning….whether it’s a family party, an outdoor drinks reception for a summer wedding, an outdoor music festival, or hospitality at a sporting event, the weather can sometimes try to spoil your plans! Having a wet/stormy weather ‘Plan B’ is a vital part of event planning, especially when you live in the UK. This year has started off decidedly soggy; in fact it was the wettest February on record; let’s hope that doesn’t continue too long! Luckily, our garden furniture hire looks just as good indoors as it does outdoors. Read on to discover our top five tips for weather- proofing your event.

1. ‘Bring the outdoors indoors’ with our versatile garden furniture hire

garden furniture hire: deckchairsRecently we wrote about the trend for ‘bringing the indoors outdoors’. But it can work the other way round too! Building some undercover or indoor space into your plan is always a good idea. This will provide shelter in the event of rain, but is equally useful in very hot weather, for those seeking shade. We know that we talk a lot about creating different ‘zones’ within the same event, but it really is a great idea. Use your creativity with decor, garden furniture hire and accessories, to create indoor gardens and even beaches! Pictured left, this client has hired our striped deckchairs and rattan Miami daybeds to create an indoor seaside area for their event at Center Parcs

2. Hire a marquee or two…..

garden furniture hire: capri tentHiring marquees or stretch tents can be a relatively inexpensive solution for creating undercover spaces. Fantastic for sheltering your guests from the rain! Most reputable marquee companies will have a wide variety of sizes and types for any event. Better still, they’re a blank canvas so you can style and accessorise them to your heart’s content.  We think our range of outdoor rattan furniture, such as our elegant Bulgari sofa set pictured here, looks equally good outdoors, indoors or in a marquee. 

3. Invest in some funky waterproof merchandise

waterproof clothingProviding your event guests with complimentary waterproof  accessories will be much appreciated on a wet day. Think umbrellas and/or rain ponchos. If you’re planning a corporate event or festival, it’s also a good way to get your brand out on show via a bit of merchandise! If you’re planning a wedding or private party then why not consider monogramming umbrellas or ponchos with your names or initials. They can double up as a party favour that can be used again and again.

If you’re lucky and the rain stays away, umbrellas can always be used as a handy portable sun shade. If the worst happens and the weather is a washout, then your guests will appreciate the fact you’ve planned ahead.

4. Keep warm

patio heater hireWet weather usually goes hand in hand with a temperature drop. Even on dry and warm summer days in the UK, remember that evening temperatures can feel quite chilly. Guests who are outdoors after dark will really appreciate it if you’ve hired some outdoor patio heaters for your marquee. Our stylish silver Athena patio heaters not only keep your guests toasty, but they also look super cool! Snuggle up with warm blankets and some floor cushions and you’ll be all sorted. (Please note however, that our heaters can’t be used outdoors in heavy rain.)

Also: don’t overlook the hot drinks ! Champagne is always lovely of course, but there’s nothing nicer than a comforting cup of tea or hot chocolate when you need to get warm. Especially when someone else is making it!

5. Keep calm and carry on…..

Of course, it’s always initially a bit of a let-down if you were visualising a sunny day and blue skies and instead you wake up to black clouds and a downpour! 

The main thing is to ensure event staff are clearly briefed of any contingencies and know exactly what to do if the worst happens.  No matter what the forecast, take a deep breath, smile and embrace the day!

Whether rain or shine….check our our garden furniture hire range

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