July 31, 2023

Embracing the great British spirit: hosting a garden party in the rain!

Garden party furniture with stretch tent

Here in the UK, a well-timed rain shower is as quintessential to the landscape as afternoon tea and double-decker buses! It certainly feels that way at the moment,  with what seems like relentless rain for days on end! While hosting an outdoor garden party might seem a little risky when you’re expecting wet weather, there’s no real reason to let a little rain dampen your spirits. In fact, with a bit of creativity and planning, (and some fabulous garden furniture hire from Rio Lounge of course!) a drizzle can add a touch of charm and uniqueness to your event. So, put on your wellies and grab your umbrellas, because we’re about to explore the art of hosting a delightful outdoor garden party even when the weather forecast predicts rain.

1. Organise plenty of shelter

marquee furniture hireIf the forecast is wet, you will probably want to be hiring some outdoor shelters such as marquees, gazebos, or event tents. These will provide an excellent refuge from the rain whilst still allowing your guests to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor surroundings. You can decorate the blank canvas of the shelter with lanterns, fairy lights, bunting, or even hire some of our light up letters to create a welcoming ambience. Position your food and drink stations, as well as seating/dining areas, under the shelters to ensure your guests stay dry and comfortable.

2. Rain-ready seating : garden furniture hire

rattan garden furniture hire at a partySoggy seating can put a damper on any party, but with some good planning, you can seat your guests in comfort in any weather. All of our outdoor rattan furniture range is water-proof, (although we do ask that our cushions are moved under-cover in the event of very heavy rain). Arrange seating zones strategically under shelters or large umbrellas, to keep everyone dry.  The best thing about our rattan furniture is that it looks just as good indoors as outdoors. So if you’re faced with a crazy downpour and have no choice to move the proceedings indoors: rest assured everything will still look fabulous!

3. Decorate with a splash of colour

pink and white ottomans in marqueeGrey skies call for vibrant decorations! Use bright and cheerful colours to lift the spirits and create a festive atmosphere. At Rio Lounge we have a range of stylish accessories to hire such as ottomans, and scatter cushions in a range of vibrant hues. Colourful tablecloths, bunting, and floral arrangements can also transform your event space into a joyful oasis, regardless of the weather.

4. Choose an appropriate menu

garden party with umbrellas Tantalise your guests’ taste buds with an appropriate menu that takes account of the rainy weather. Traditionally. summer garden parties are associated with Pimm’s, cold food buffets and salads, but if the weather doesn’t feel summery, perhaps consider adding a ‘comfort’ hot food option such as soup or toasties. Perhaps also consider setting up a hot chocolate or mulled cider station to keep everyone warm from the inside out!

5. Add some musical ambience

Live music or a specially curated playlist can enhance the atmosphere of your garden party, rain or shine. If budget allows, consider hiring a band or musician for your marquee to keep everyone entertained. Alternatively, create a playlist with uplifting party tunes to keep spirits up.

6. Communication is key!

Keep your eye on the weather forecast and ensure guests informed about the potential for wet weather in advance. Include a rain plan on your invitations, indicating that the party will go ahead rain or shine. Encourage guests to bring umbrellas and dress appropriately for the weather.

Hosting a garden party in wet weather can still be a fun experience with the right mindset and preparation. By planning ahead and embracing the unpredictability of British weather, you’ll create a unique event that your guests will talk about for years to come. So, let the raindrops fall and the laughter flow – your rainy garden party is sure to be a resounding success! We always love to hear from you and help you plan your garden furniture hire needs for your events. Call our dedicated furniture hire team on 01582 232332 or email us, and we will be delighted to help.