November 4, 2022

Last minute Christmas party planning

furniture hire for events: for Christmas party

At the time of writing, there are only 50 days until Christmas Day- that’s just seven weeks! Following two years of Covid restrictions, (and all-round uncertainty over what we can and can’t do), this year’s festive season marks the grand return of larger scale workplace Christmas parties. Colleagues will finally be able to get together again for a good old fashioned end-of-year knees-up! Whilst many workplaces will have their Christmas events already planned, we also understand that sometimes, life just happens and planning the Christmas party gets put on the back burner.  So, if the role of office Christmas party planner has been delegated to you last minute, don’t panic.  With well over a decade’s experience in furniture hire for events, we may just be able to help.  Read on for our top tips for planning a corporate event to remember.

Top five tips for organising a last minute corporate party

1. Set a budget

With many businesses still trying to recover from the impact of the global health crisis, (not to mention the current cost of living crisis), it’s tempting to try to keep costs as low as possible. Your initial thoughts may be that Christmas parties are unnecessary or extravagant. But as a business owner, recruiting and retaining good staff is absolutely key.  Investing in a fun experience for them as a thank you at the end of the year may actually affect how employees feel about the company they work for.

2. Consider using an event planner

white party sofa hire on dance floorDecember tends to be a busy time for us all personally. Juggling both family and office events can therefore be a little challenging. Especially for a larger organisation, our top tip would be to take the pressure off by considering an event planner.

This will ensure that you’re not stressing about whether you have all the little details covered. At Rio Lounge we work with numerous event planners; check out our past blogs for numerous interviews with some fabulous event and party planners! They also tend to have favourable discount agreements with various party suppliers, so you may actually end up making cost savings.

3. Consider your venue

Whether or not you’re using an event planner, it’s good to have an idea of what sort of venue you require for your workplace Christmas event.  Some hotels and restaurants may still have availability and offer Christmas party packages which will minimise organisational stress. If budget is an issue and hotel-type venues are just too pricey, why not consider marquee hire? Although this may require quite a bit more planning in terms of considering location and other factors, this will give you a fabulous blank canvas for you to create any theme you fancy. You’ll also tend to have greater freedom over entertainment and catering choices.

4. Prop hire and event furniture hire

Christmas party sofa hire at BMW launch

Of course, as a furniture hire supplier, our top priority at Rio Lounge is to make sure you get the right furniture to ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible! If you can give us an idea of your space, guest numbers etc, we can advise you on the most suitable type and quantity of furniture for your event. 

As well as our beautiful range of furniture hire for events: sofas, poseur tables and bar stools, remember we also offer prop hire such as premium light up letters and gorgeous silver lanterns, to add to that Christmas ambience. 

5. Food, themes and entertainment

If you’re short on planning time, you may be thinking along the lines of a ‘ready made’ Christmas party package when it comes to theming your party, so it’s worth checking if your chosen venue offers that. If you’re using an event planner, then they are likely to have a long list of trusted suppliers to call on, and you’ll likely be able to take advantage of any trade discounts they’ve negotiated. 

6. Missed the boat?  Why not consider a New Year party instead!

Sometimes you just run out of time for planning anything pre-Christmas.  If that’s happened to you: don’t admit defeat – style it out! Why not make it a New Year party instead! January is usually a quiet time for many venues, and hence prices are usually much lower! Plus most staff will be feeling the effects of the January ‘slump’ and may appreciate a fun night out. 

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It’s not too late to book Christmas party furniture hire at Rio Lounge.  We love Christmas and we love to help you plan your events, and we can’t wait to hear from you! Give us a call on 01582 232332 or send us an email.