February 6, 2017

10 Exhibition Ideas to Engage your Audience

Event furniture hire at an exhibition

Are you looking for creative ways to attract more people to your exhibition stand? Here are 10 of our favourite exhibition ideas that will make your booth the one to watch.

 1: Make a statement

Your exhibition booth needs to instantly stand out from the crowd. Hiring eye-catching exhibition furniture will create the best possible first impression. Your attendees can take a moment to relax in style on the stunning Marrakesh club sofas – giving you a chance to chat to them about your new products!

2: Build momentuExhibition ideas: poseur table and stoolsm

Successful exhibitions are all about good promotion before the big day. Social media has made it easier than ever to tell the world that you will be there, so plan a marketing campaign that includes teasers about the products and giveaways on offer.

3: Product launch

One of the most effective exhibition ideas is to launch a new product on the day. Attendees are always on the lookout for the latest innovations in their industry, so if you are planning to launch a new clothing line, magazine or perfume, your next exhibition is a perfect opportunity.

4: Interactive fun

If you interact well with your audience, they will remember you. Try setting up activities like memory games, quizzes or challenges that are linked to your company’s brand. Attendees will enjoy having a break from information overload and you can add simple data capture to the games to get new leads, too.

5: Giveaways

No exhibition would be complete without the classic giveaways. But instead of the standard sweets or bottles of water, try giving away free wifi or product tasters. Giveaways that are a refreshing change will always leave the biggest impression.

6: Smartphone information capture

You won’t have long to engage your attendees, so it helps to give out product information or company messages that your audience can quickly download onto their phones. This is an efficient alternative to flyers and it’s kinder to the planet, too.

7: Tasters and competitions

Exhibition ideas: poseur stools

You can keep your attendees interested with product tasters or competitions linked to the services you offer. This is an ideal way to generate new leads, as anyone who signs up will be genuinely interested in your product.

8: Create a digital live experience

This is where the fun really begins! Social media is perfect for creating a digital live experience on the day. All you need is a hashtag, a photo wall or a display where attendees can write their comments. Short video clips with your audience talking about your new products are ideal too. Attendees can follow your business on social media after the exhibition to see their photos or videos, giving you a great follow-up opportunity.

9: Customer Service

Good customer service is essential for a successful exhibition. A relaxed, warm welcome and taking the time to go through product demos to meet each customer’s needs can go a long way.

10: Post-exhibition follow-up

This is where you can reap the benefits of all your hard work! As well as emailing your new leads, keep a close eye on social media – your new products, competitions or interactive games will increase your online traffic too.

These exhibition ideas will help your company stand out and give attendees a fun, interactive experience to remember.