January 19, 2017

Choosing a colour scheme for your event

banyan daybed for hire: choosing a colour scheme

Are you getting ready to plan your next event? The most memorable celebrations give your guests an unforgettable live experience, stimulated by music, lighting and colour. We all know that venues, lighting and entertainment have long been priorities on any event planner’s list, but what about the importance of colour in setting the mood? We take a look at how choosing a colour scheme that matches your event’s theme, season or venue can make all the difference.

Why your event’s colour scheme is so important

There’s a great deal of psychology behind colours. Colours create emotional responses from your audience, so understanding their power will give you a valuable head start when choosing your event’s colour scheme. Here’s a quick run-down of the key colour psychologies it’s useful to know about:

  • Red is the colour of passion, designed to create a mood of excitement at your event. Perfect for occasions with a romantic theme, or an evening dance where you want to stimulate energy levels!
  • Green and blue both create a sense of calm and healing. These colours are ideal for events where guests need to be relaxed and nurtured.
  • White means purity and simple beauty. This is the classic go-to option for weddings, but is also ideal for garden parties where you can add a splash of colour for effect.

Creating your colour scheme – start with the venue

It’s always a good idea to spend time at your venue to help you decide which colours will bring your event alive. A conference room in a hotel would suit a modern colour scheme of white and black; you could complete the stylish effect by hiring contemporary white furniture such as the stunning Bulgari sofa set along with black and white scatter cushions. But if your venue is in a stately home, it would need much richer colours such as purple or red.

Does your venue already have feature walls or strong patterns on curtains? This could change how your event colours look when placed next to the venue’s own colour schemes, so bear this in mind when designing your ideal palette.

Set the mood with themed colours

Your event’s colour scheme will bring your chosen theme to life. Here’s some of our favourite ways to use colour for your event theme:

Valentine’s Day Party

Red is the classic Valentine’s colour for romance and passion, but add in pink for a more eye-catching effect. This colour theme can thread right through the venue decorations, tableware, cupcakes and even the party confetti!

Seasonal celebrations

Colour is all important when planning a seasonal event. Autumn celebrations should embrace warm colours such as orange, yellow and a touch of dark green for the calming influence of nature. Or create a dazzling winter ball with a frosty combination of blue and white.

Garden party

If you’re planning a garden party in a marquee or even in the great outdoors, you can still set the mood with plenty of white and green for decorations. Romantic accessories such as lanterns hanging from the trees will create the most beautiful effect for your guests to enjoy.

Choosing a colour scheme for your event will set the mood and bring any theme alive. But most importantly of all, don’t worry too much if the tones don’t exactly match – the effect will still be fabulous. Once you’ve chosen your event palette, relax and enjoy the celebrations!