March 7, 2014

“…And a Silver Sixpence in her Shoe.”

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silver-sixpence-in-her-shoe1You are no doubt familiar with the old saying: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” but you may be unaware as to where the phrase originated.

The ‘four somethings’ as they are often called, developed as a whole in Victorian times but individually they have been used for a lot longer than this. The Victorians had a habit of reinventing traditions from the past, particularly those of a romantic notion and this is often why such customs persist to the present day. Yet the phrase rings true to our modern day perceptions as well as those of our past.

The ‘old’ item represents continuity and often takes the form of a family heirloom. As such there is a strong connection to family history. Something ‘new’ has the meaning of future success in the new union between the bride and her husband to be. The item may take the form of anything new that has been brought in for the wedding.

Hintlesham HallThe ‘borrowed’ embodies shared experiences. A gift or loaned trinket from a friend (perhaps one worn on her wedding day) and as such is a symbol of luck and support. It could even be wedding furniture hire on your big day.

Something ‘blue’ is a proxy for faithfulness and honesty. Blue was traditionally a colour associated with purity and with being particularly effective at warding off the ‘evil eye’, a superstition that transcends numerous religions and cultures. A garter was often the item of choice.
While these trinkets would originally have been collected in order to avert bad luck, these days they make for a satisfying wedding day tradition. If by chance, they also happen to add a little serendipity to proceedings then all the better!

A great way to cover all these bases is to book the right sort of venue. Luckily, Great Britain is home to a wide selection of historic properties that have been brought back to life to cater for the demands of the 21st century, whether those demands be weddings, luxury accommodation or immersive historic escapes.

A quick glance at the castles of Peckforton, Ruthin and Thornbury and you’ll know that it’s the most amazing way of sharing your biggest of days with your closest friends and family.
Ruthin Castle

Wedding furniture hire at Ruthin CastleIf you would prefer the ‘Downton’ experience then maybe the Hall at Hintlesham or Middlethorpe Hall would provide a more appropriate backdrop.

So regardless of how you choose to spend it, good luck in your quest to find a luxury break to compliment your wedding day. May you enjoy every moment of it.

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