July 22, 2013

A Sporting Event

sporting event furniture hire

Well, this summer is turning into a real sizzler! As sporting event furniture hire specialists, of course we’re delighted! Not only have we had scorching hot weather, but we also had the pleasure of seeing Andy Murray win Wimbledon! If you have been watching the sport this season you might even have seen some of our fantastic hire furniture featured in the VIP areas of some famous sporting events.

VIP lounge furniture hire

We helped create the exclusive Veuve Clicquot VIP lounge at The Boodles Tennis tournament, and also hired some lovely lounge furniture for the Duke of Essex Polo. It’s great to be able to transform a marquee and turn it into a luxurious hospitality tent so that people can really enjoy their sporting experience.

When organising a VIP lounge for a summer sporting event, you need to think carefully about what you need. For seating, our Marrakesh Club sofa sets are always really popular as they look fantastic in bright white; providing a comfortable and relaxed seating area for spectators to chat about the sport and for tired players to enjoy a rest after the match has finished.

It’s all about the accessories

Accessories are also important for a sporting occasion as teams might want to see furnishings in their home colours. You can see in the photo that we used orange cushions to match the distinctive Veuve Clicquot branding.  Why not check out our range of cushions and ottomans in a variety of colours to match any team or theme!

You’ll also be needing plenty of champagne – whether it’s for toasting the winners or commiserating the losers! However, no-one likes warm fizz –  which is where our giant champagne bowls come in. Large enough to hold several bottles, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of perfectly chilled bubbly. Not only for champagne, you could even fill them with fruit to make a stylish table centrepiece.

Of course, with the unreliability of the British weather, you need to be prepared for all eventualities. Our uber-cool Athena patio heaters are perfect for heating up a chilly day, and also great for adding additional warmth to an evening event. Your guests will able to stay out even when the sun has gone in!

Partying into the early hours at your sports event? Ensure that you add atmosphere and ambience with our silver lanterns which look fantastic flickering in the dusk. Get in touch for more sporting event furniture hire ideas.