October 16, 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Event Amazing


As experienced event professionals we know that the ultimate goal is to make your event truly amazing. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party or a corporate bash you will want to create an event that wow’s your guests and keeps them talking about your do for months to come! At Rio Lounge we are specialists in helping our clients to style stunning events and we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands and venues in the events world. So here’s our  top 5 tips to help you create an amazing event.

Build a fabulous events team

When you are planning your event it can be difficult, if not impossible, to do everything by yourself so it can be a great idea to call in the experts and create an events ‘dream team’ for your party or event. The number of specialist events firms out there can be overwhelming so we always advise you to go on word of mouth recommendations which mean that you can choose event professionals with a track record of delivering fabulous events who you know will offer a reliable and high quality service. Caterers, venue stylists and of course furniture hire firms should be a priority for any event and then, if you have the need or budget, you could add in entertainment specialists and florists too.

Create a memorable party theme

When planning an event it’s hard to know where to start so we suggest that you begin by choosing a central theme which will help you to consolidate all of your party ideas. You will find that once you have this then all of the other factors such as venue, entertainment and catering will all fall into place and you will start to see your event come to life. Your theme could be based around your interests, a country or even a colour like the ever-popular white party. Why not create several mood boards for your themes to compare and contrast how they might look and see which one works best.

Choose the perfect venue

Once you have decided on your theme then you need to pick the perfect venue for your party. Make sure that it co-ordinates with your theme. So for a circus theme you might want to hire a big top style marquee, and an ultra-modern opening night might be best suited to a gallery or warehouse setting. Obviously you need to confirm that your venue can seat the number of guests who will be attending but it’s also a good idea to check on any other restrictions they may have. You may also want to consider other factors such as if you will have sole use of the space, and if there are outdoors grounds available for your guests.

Pay attention to your venue styling

Probably the most important moment for any party is when your guests walk into your venue for the first time – it’s vital to create an amazing impression for the partygoers and so getting the right furniture and accessories to style your venue is a must have. Stunning furniture such as our chic Lola daybeds or giant chandeliers can create a fabulous atmosphere and it’s always a good idea to have comfortable yet stylish seating for guests to relax on!

Review your learnings

Finally after the party is over and the revellers have gone home it can be a great idea to take a look back and consider what worked well and what (if anything) didn’t! As an events planner you will always want to learn from each event to that you can bring this information to future events and help to make them even bigger and even better. You should also make a note of any venues and suppliers that you were impressed with to help build a database of reliable events professionals for you to call on.