Looking for event prop hire to add a bit of magic to your special event? Sometimes it’s the small details that matter. Those finishing touches from carefully selected event prop hire that achieve a ‘put together’ look will elevate your venue styling from the everyday to something spectacular and make your event one to remember.  Our incredible selection of accessories will add a touch of sparkle to any size of event, big or small, and have your guests talking about it for months after. From gorgeous scatter cushions in all the colours of the rainbow to light up letters and luxurious silver champagne bowls. Browse the products below and let your imagination run wild in picking your venue decoration to fit the theme of your event. Achieve a look that’s fit for the society magazines and make your event that extra bit special, by hiring these fabulous party and event accessories.

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provide a warm welcome with our patio heaters

Garden parties and outdoor weddings are the perfect way to celebrate in summer but when dusk falls, it can get chilly. Our Athena Patio Heaters provide a stylish way to stay warm through the evening, so your guests can enjoy your hospitality as day turns to night. They’re also perfect for keeping warm at any time of day in the unpredictable British climate! Distribute your hired heaters on balconies, patios or any outdoor location of your choice.

spell it out with light-up marquee letters

Make it clear what you’re celebrating by spelling it out in giant 5-foot-high letters! With letters, numbers and special characters like ampersands (&) all available for hire, you can get your message across, whether that’s a word like LOVE, an age like 50 or a pair of newlywed names. Your customised marquee letters will make your event unique, and they’ll provide an attractive backdrop for photos. NB: They’re known as marquee letters but they’ll look equally fantastic in any type of indoor venue.

add colour and comfort with a selection of scatter cushions

One of the easiest ways to create a united colour theme is through the use of decorative accessories for event prop hire such as ribbons, flowers, bunting and soft furnishings. Our scatter cushions are a great way to add instant colour, and they’re super-comfortable, too! Available in a wide range of beautiful colours and patterns, you can customise your look with ease by picking out the shades that suit your theme. These sumptuous, shiny gold cushions will instantly bring a deluxe dimension to the proceedings, or you could create a neon theme by styling your venue with hot pink, lime green and neon yellow accents.

create the right ambience with venue lighting

One of the most important aspects of venue styling is the lighting; depending on its hue and intensity it can transform the entire mood of your interior. These gorgeous, giant-sized Fullerton Lamps are a great way to introduce extra light at key points throughout the room, and the classic design is a fantastic way to introduce a functional but visually pleasing focal point in any venue.

celebrate in style with our giant champagne bowls

No celebration would be complete without champagne on tap! These fabulous Champagne bowls are the ideal way to treat your guests to some serious, sumptuous indulgence. Versatile as well as stylish, these beautiful silver dishes can also be used as fruit bowls, or to contain floral arrangements.

shelter from the weather with our giant umbrellas

Whether the sun’s beating down or grey clouds are on the horizon, hire our giant Cantilver Umbrellas for practical protection for you and your guests. Essential for any outdoor party, they’ll provide shade and shelter whatever the weather.