September 12, 2019

Considering exhibition furniture hire? Here are 6 reasons why you should.

exhibition furniture hire

Our event furniture hire collection is popular for any kind of special event, from VIP events, festivals and outdoor parties, to corporate Christmas parties and weddings. But one service in which we really excel in is exhibition furniture hire. Here are our top six product picks to encourage you to think seriously about hiring furniture for exhibitions. And if you pick one or two (or all), of these we guarantee the investment in your exhibition this year will really reap rewards:

Exhibition furniture hire will draw the crowds to your stand:

When you’re planning the layout and design of your stand this year, don’t just raid the company store and drag out the tired old furniture you’ve used for the past few years. Trends in furniture for exhibitions, much like trends in furniture generally, move on quickly and chances our your store cupboard collection is looking more than a bit dated. Add some pristine pieces from our stylish event furniture hire range to freshen up your look.  Our exhibition hire team say these are the six pieces currently flying out the doors here at Rio Lounge:

1. Poseur tables

poseur table hire

As the name suggests, these tables are cool and chilled and will encourage any casual passer-by to your stand to sit down and linger a while. These tough, yet elegant tables won’t break or topple over under the weight of all the people in the crush on your stand. And if you need to chat to your exhibition clients while demonstrating smaller products, or laying out brochures and catalogues to take browse through your full range, these tables are the perfect height to gather a group of people around and draw up a chair or two for a chat. Talking of which….

2. Bar stools

bar stool hire

Our bar stools match perfectly with all of the tables in our poseur table range and they too have a casual laid-back vibe which will draw visitors like a magnet. Choosing them means any selling you’re doing on your stand doing won’t really feel like selling to any of your exhibition visitors. Which, let’s face is, is definitely going to make your company stand out from all the rest, thrusting leaflets in their faces and providing nowhere appealing to sit down and rest their weary feet. Perching on these stools will perk them up and make them really receptive to what you have to say.

3. Coloured ottomans

coloured cube ottoman hireGetting your branding right but making sure it doesn’t overpower your whole stand design, is one of the delicate balances you must get right when you design your exhibition presence. Our coloured ottomans, in your brand colours or just a colour you particularly like, are the perfect way to subtly reinforce your company identity while being functional and attractive. At the end of the day when your prospective clients are trying to remember which stands they were most impressed with, “the ones with all the pink and yellow cubes” is going to ensure instant recall.



tub chairs exhibition furniture hire

4. Tub chairs

Designing your stand with different seating areas for different types of client encounters and conversations will ensure maximum sales conversion. Our bar stools and tables are a great instant way to draw a casual passer-by in and get them stopping for a chat. But using a grouping of these tub chairs further into the stand gives you the chance of creating a space for pre-booked appointments or for drop-ins to linger just that bit longer. And if you offer tea and coffee with branded biscuits or cupcakes – or even something a bit stronger later in the day! – you’ll definitely get the chance to get to know your guests much better, and find out which of your products and services will best meet their buying needs.


club lounge sofa hire5. Club sofas

We don’t all have the budgets for a really huge stand space but if you do, and if this is your main selling event of the year, then for maximum exhibition impact our team suggests you go for our Club sofas. These take ‘stop by and having a chat’ to an entirely different level and will ensure that your stand becomes a hub at the show for industry conversations and meetings. If you’ve chosen the position of your stand well these luxury sofas, grouped in pairs or singly, will draw in even those who might not have considered your brand when they’ve shortlisted pre-show who they will visit. And the undeniable comfort of the seating you provide on your stand means you’ll keep them with you far longer than they might have initially intended. Only one word of warning though – these sofas are so very comfortable you might have some problems moving them on, so ask them when they first sit down how you can help them!


Cabo tables and club sofa hire

6. Cabo tables

Our last exhibition hire product is a tiny little favourite of ours. Smaller and less flashy than some of the others on our list, this little Cabo table (it also comes in a larger size) wins top marks for its versatility and flexibility. You’ll wish you had ordered many more once you’ve tried one out – and our event furniture hire clients always tell us just that after their events. Ideal as a side table with any of the sofa ranges – the Cabo table is especially popular with the Club lounge sofas  – you can group a few of these lovely little cubes together to create a bigger table or just dot single tables around your stand wherever you need them to add functionality to your space. This little gem is one of the most popular items in our event furniture hire range (they also come in black and silver), so make sure you include a few for your exhibition stand this year  – you won’t regret it!

We’d love to discuss your exhibition furniture hire requirements for your upcoming exhibition, conference or show.  Call the Rio Lounge event furniture hire team on 0845 46 77483.  Or, email us by clicking here. There’s nothing we don’t know about hiring furniture for exhibitions and we’d love to chat through your plans with you and see if we can help.