February 18, 2019

Our guide to finding the perfect venue

Venue decoration hire: rattan furniture on south bank with london eye in the background

As venue decoration hire experts we know a thing or two about organising corporate events. Getting the right venue is a really important part of the process, and there’s a lot to consider. We’re here to help, with these top tips for finding a corporate venue.

Create a tick list

Before you get swayed by a bargain discount, or tempted by the nearest venue to your office, it’s important to get your venue requirements clear in your mind. Ask yourself:

  • Does it need to be accessible by public transport?
  • Should it have a car park?
  • Do you require catering included in your package?
  • What capacity do you require – how many people will be attending?
  • Does it need to be close to affordable accommodation for those needing to stay overnight?
  • What ‘vibe’ are you going for – corporate and business-like, or something a little less formal?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Are you flexible on location or does it need to be in a particular town (or area of town)?

Getting these specifications down on paper can help you to get a clearer idea of what to look for when finding a venue for your corporate event.

Think outside the box

If your goal is to impress, you might decide to choose something a little different from your usual hotel or conference centre. Museums, galleries and stately homes can all offer the ‘wow’ factor and transform your event into a bona fide experience. Here are some options to consider:

  • Outdoor spaces such as golf courses, national parks, adventure centres, zoos and botanical gardens
  • Art studios and galleries
  • Sporting venues such as football clubs
  • Places of historical interest
  • Nightclubs and concert venues
  • Quirky buildings like windmills, lighthouses, caves and converted churches
  • Flamboyant, stand-out buildings like the Brighton Dome.

Get the interiors just right

Many venues will allow you to bring in your own furniture and décor, so that you can make the space your own. So even if your budget doesn’t stretch to opulent interiors, it’s possible to customise your look to cater for your delegates.

  • Not sure what look you’re going for? Check Pinterest for inspiration. It’s full of interesting design ideas that will work for all budgets – and the images will give you something to pass on to the professionals if you’re trying to explain your ideas.
  • Lighting can make a big difference to the mood and atmosphere of a venue. Make sure your stage (if you have one) is well lit, to put your speakers in the spotlight. Consider special effects like colour washes or light projections, to impress your guests.
  • Hire some stylish furniture to keep your guests comfortable. Fashionable, sofas, tables and accessories will help bring elegance and flair to any venue, whether you’re hosting it indoors or throwing an outdoor event. Our exhibition furniture range  and venue decoration hire range is perfect for conferences and expos – we particularly love these daiquiri poseur tables, which can act as a handy resting place for drinks, laptops and notepads.

For event furniture hire and options for venue decoration hire, contact Rio Lounge. We can advise you on putting together a look to suit your venue, and our furniture is delivered direct to your door.