January 25, 2019

Exhibition Trends for 2019

Exhibition furniture hire uk: a pop-up marquee style event

If you plan or attend exhibitions for a living, you’ll know the importance of staying one step ahead of the crowd. So what’s new in the world of trade exhibitions this year? As exhibition furniture hire UK experts we’re perfectly placed to spot the trends. Read on to find out about the up-and-coming trends in the UK events industry for 2019.

Exhibition Furniture Hire UKMultisensory exhibits

The aim of exhibition stand design is to stand out and capture the attention of passers-by. While bold visuals are a good start, they shouldn’t be your only calling card – in 2019, exhibitors will be exploiting multisensory channels that appeal to all five senses. For example, scent marketing is a growing trend that uses our sense of smell to influence our emotions by sending powerful messages straight to the most primitive centres of the brain, while interactive displays using touchscreen technology will help you to engage with your audience.

Virtual reality exhibitions

Offer your delegates an enhanced view of the world, with virtual reality headsets designed to offer a truly multi-layered event experience. Although it may seem like something from science fiction, VR is more than just a futuristic gimmick, and more and more exhibitors are waking up to its potential as an experiential marketing tool. With a virtual reality setup you can walk them through a multisensory demo of your latest product, offer them unprecedented adventures and interact in a completely new and exciting way.

sofa sets with black rattan bases and white cushion covers

Creature comforts

Visiting a conference or trade show can be a wearying experience. With hours spent on their feet, networking and taking in reams of new information, event delegates will appreciate any efforts to make the day more comfortable for them. That’s something that’s at the forefront of organisers’ minds in 2019, as they go to greater lengths to accommodate their guests’ needs. Offering the ultimate combination of practicality and convenience, charging stations paired with comfy seating areas are a great way to attract visitors to your stand – and keep them there for longer.

Sustainable events

As we near the end of the decade, we’re entering an era in which sustainability is more important than ever before, to consumers and planners alike. Gone are the days of single-use straws, throwaway plastic and unwarranted air miles. Instead, the exhibition trends in 2019 are all about awareness of the environment – incorporating vegan catering, reusable materials and virtual meetings that save on unnecessary travel. You can bet that in the year to come, trade show industry trends will veer even further towards ethical and eco-friendly events.  

Exhibition Furniture Hire UK: Making the right impression at a business exhibitionPhoto opportunities

Today’s exhibitions don’t just happen in the physical world – they have a separate, online existence filled with hashtags, live-tweets, webcasts and check-ins. Against this social media backdrop it’s important to provide the appropriate visuals, including lots of opportunities for selfies. Stylish and classy, the Marrakesh black sofa set is a great place for delegates to gather for a group photo, with a strikingly branded exhibition poster in the background. When you’re planning your next event, contact Rio Lounge for good-looking, photogenic exhibition hire UK furniture that feels as good as it looks.