Behind the Scenes – The Warehouse

Our warehouse is a real ‘man cave’!  To be honest, the office girls at Rio Lounge rarely have to visit the furniture hire warehouse; since our experienced crew are experts in furniture hire for events, and run the warehouse seamlessly. However, our Director Jo does do spot checks to ensure  rules and processes are being followed correctly.

     Rio Lounge furniture hire warehouse manager loading party furniture hire loading rattan into the warehouse at Rio Lounge

Running a slick operation: our warehouse policy

We have a ‘no floor policy’. So, this means that nothing can be left around on the floor, including furniture and rubbish. Moreover, we like to say: ‘everything has a home’; be it on the racking, or in a designated area for cleaning, (or in the bin)!  Running a slick operation is essential; especially during our peak summer months. During this time, furniture returning from a customer could be hired back out again within 12 hours.  Tried and tested over the years, our warehouse and delivery process is now a smooth-running ‘machine’. Thus ensuring all furniture for hire is delivered to our customers in pristine condition.  This is clearly verified by the feedback we receive and publish in our testimonials.

Chris in warehouse moving hire stock cleaning hire furniture Damien checking rattan furniture on shelves

Experts in furniture hire for events: our delivery service

In most cases, our furniture for hire is transported by our own crew.  Meticulous with the loading and unloading of our furniture, they ensure customers’ furniture hire is always received in immaculate condition.  Travelling all over Great Britain from Scotland down to Cornwall; no job is too big or too small for our expert team.  Occasionally, outsourcing our events furniture delivery to a trusted local haulage company is necessary. For example, this would typically be for events where we need to deliver large amounts of furniture, requiring an 18t or artic lorry. Our own lorries are 3.5t (Luton Box vans) which will fit on most driveways and able to negotiate narrow lanes. 

Crew loading furniture on to a lorry crew loading sofa hire crew unloading furniture from lorry 


Chris and Gary having a break at Rio Lounge Rio Lounge furniture hire van letter hire in the warehouse

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