Behind the Scenes – The Laundry

As experts in event furniture hire, people often ask how we keep our outdoor cushion covers so clean?!  Well…. we do have some special ingredients we use in our washing machines; stain removers to keep all our white covers in an immaculate condition. We pride ourselves on the highest possible standards in this area. This is evident from the pristine white covers that you will receive on all your outdoor furniture hire.  All our cushion covers are removed and washed after each use.  Even if they do not look dirty on return, we ensure they are washed each and every time. This ensures they are fresh and fragrant for the next customer, and removes any clothing fibres. 

crew prepping outdoor furniture hire cushions crew preparing outdoor furniture hire cushions

Experts in event furniture hire: our busy summer season

During the summer months our laundry and prep room is pretty much operating 24/7 to keep up with the demand on our furniture hire. To give you a clearer picture of the volume of washing involved: we calculated that during the month of July 2019 we washed and prepped over 10,000 cushion covers! We prefer warm windy weather conditions during these months, so that all the covers dry quickly, and can be put back on the foam cushions ready for the next hire. Obviously, a rainy week means drying everything indoors (plus additional use of tumble dryers). But doesn’t laundry just smell so much nicer when it can be dried outdoors!  

 outdoor furniture hire washing room crew prepping furniture hire cushions

Why not read more about our dedication to clean, pristine furniture hire here?



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