Behind the Scenes – The Office

All offices are unique in their own making, but we like to think of the Rio Lounge office as small, but perfectly formed. During the months of May to September, the phone rarely stops ringing for events furniture hire enquiries. Bookings are coming in at the last minute for a delivery on the same day and our crew dash in and out of the office numerous times to collect their job packs.  We joke that some days, we don’t even have time to go to the toilet! 

Natalie: Our Events Furniture Office Manager & Accounts Manager

Natalie is our Office Manager and Accounts Manager and has been with the Rio Lounge family since 2014. She knows the ropes on all areas of events furniture, and has developed a great working relationship with all of our loyal customer base.

Before Natalie joined Rio Lounge she was a legal secretary, so her attention to detail is second to none.  This is so important to the role, as there is no margin for error when dealing with quantities and colours of furniture for an event.  We use a database to work out all our furniture hire availability and to run our stock reports. In all our years of trading we have never doubled booked events furniture or delivered incorrect events furniture due to office errors. We cannot afford to make mistakes in the furniture hire industry as there is little time for correcting; we have various systems in place in our office to ensure nothing slips through the net. 

Here are some images of Natalie in action!

Rio Lounge office staff contact us for events furniture hire natalie dealing with furniture hire bookings 


Anna: Our Finance Manager & Blogger

Anna joined Rio Lounge in 2015 as our part-time book-keeper and soon became a multi-tasker of many things, as well as the figures! Anna supports the office, issuing quotes and booking customer jobs on the database especially during the summer peak season.  Anna also manages our website as well as creating the content for our blog section. 

Anna is a qualified accountant and before joining the events furniture industry, she had taken a career break to care for her two young daughters.  Before motherhood, she was an audit manager with a Big Four accounting firm.

Here are some images of Anna in action!

anna talking to rio lounge customers anna booking on garden furniture hire anna booking on outdoor furniture


Jo: Our Founder and Director

Our Director, Jo started Rio Lounge in 2009 and worked solo on the furniture hire administration until Natalie joined in 2014. Like many budding entrepreneurs, Jo initially worked from her dining room table. Then, in 2013, she took on her second warehouse, which included an office.

Jo’s main role apart from ‘keeping all the plates spinning’ is to schedule the events furniture deliveries. This can be a logistical nightmare when you  take into account:

  • – calculating the loading capacity of the vans;
  • – working out the routes the vans will take around the UK;
  • – taking into account any timed deliveries for that day;
  • – plus ensuring the crew get home for a decent nights sleep before starting out all over again the next day!

During the busy months of May to September, Rio Lounge can supply up to 400+ events; so the scheduling can be a full-time job!

And as Jo likes to say: “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people”.  

Here are some images of Jo in action, sorting out the summer events furniture hire schedule!

jo checking the database jo checking events furniture quotes jo speaking to customers on the phone

Now you know a little more about our office team, why not take a look at some of the fabulous events we’ve supplied?

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